[Harvard English] what makes them tick

 [Speech Tip] 이 정도는 사용할 줄 알아야, '영어 좀 하네', 인정 받을 수 있어요!

What makes them tick 무엇이 그들을 움직이는가

something that motivates someone; something that makes someone behave in a certain way

예문) “When you get to know people, you find out what makes them tick.”

HBR 아티클에서는이렇게사용하고 있어요!

“My discoveries about what makes them tick are the subject of my forthcoming book.


-5월호아티클, “Managing the “Invisibles” 중에서

[HBR Jargon] 알고 있으면 도움이 되는 용어!

Platform    플랫폼

“an intermediary between two or more sides of a market”  

HBR 아티클에서는이렇게사용하고 있어요!

“How is it, in an age when seemingly everyone is aggressively self-promoting, when we’re told that in order to get ahead we must have a brand or a “platform,” that these people—consummate professionals all—are satisfied with anonymity?”

-5월호아티클, “Managing the “Invisibles” 중에서

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