[Harvard English] as ~put it


 [Speech Tip] 이 정도는 사용할 줄 알아야, '영어 좀 하네', 인정 받을 수 있어요!

 As ~ put it ~가 말한 바와 같이 

say it, express it



“She said, “He’s my favorite cowboy.” That’s how she put it.”


HBR 아티클에서는이렇게사용하고 있어요.

As one executive put it, “Without years of dedicated efforts, how can you transform a person’s character or behavioral traits?

-5월호아티클, “Blue ocean leadership” 중에서


[HBR Jargon] 알고 있으면 도움이 되는 용어!

Frontline manager  실무중간관리자

“The first or second level managers (line managers, office managers, supervisors) directly responsible for production of goods and services, and supervision of clerical staff and shop floor employees.”  


HBR 아티클에서는이렇게사용하고 있어요.

Frontline managers serve customers, not the boss”

-5월호아티클, “Blue ocean leadership” 중에서

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