[Harvard English] grapple with


 [Speech Tip] 이 정도는 사용할 줄 알아야, '영어 좀 하네', 인정 받을 수 있어요!

Grapple with    ~을 해결하려고 노력하다. 

to deal with a problem; to get a “good hold” on a problem.   


“I cannot grapple with any additional problems.”


HBR 아티클에서는이렇게사용하고 있어요!

“After all, competitors grappling with the same tight talent market will be more than happy to tempt them away.

-6월호아티클, “The Big Idea: 21st-Century Talent Spotting” 중에서


[HBR Jargon] 알고 있으면 도움이 되는 용어!


상황이 변동적이고(volatile) 불확실하며(uncertain) 복잡하고 (complex) 모호한(Ambigous)


“VUCA is an acronym used to describe or reflect on the volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity of general conditions and situations. The common usage of the term VUCA began in the 1990s and derives from military vocabulary and has been subsequently used in emerging ideas in strategic leadership that apply in a wide range of organizations, including everything from for-profit corporations to education.”  


HBR 아티클에서는이렇게사용하고 있어요!

“Now we’re at the dawn of a fourth era, in which the focus must shift to potential. In a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous environment (VUCA is the military-acronym-turned-corporate-buzzword), competency-based appraisals and appointments are increasingly insufficient.”

-6월호아티클, “The Big Idea: 21st-Century Talent Spotting” 중에서

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