[Harvard English] take into consideration

 [Speech Tip] 이 정도는 사용할 줄 알아야, '영어 좀 하네', 인정 받을 수 있어요!

Take into consideration  고려하다

to consider something to be an important factor in some decision 

예문) We will take your long years of service into account when we make our final decision.

HBR 아티클에서는 이렇게 사용하고 있어요.

“Think of the implications: First, most employee performance reviews are based on individual productivity and don’t take into consideration how group productivity can grow through more interaction.”

-10월호 아티클, “Workspaces that move people” 중에서

[HBR Jargon] 알고 있으면 도움이 되는 용어!

Amortization  상각

The spreading out of capital expenses for intangible assets over a specific period of time (usually over the asset’s useful life) for accounting and tax purposes.

HBR 아티클에서는 이렇게 사용하고 있어요.

“Recognize office space as not just an amortized asset but a strategic tool for growth.”

-10월호 아티클, “Workspaces that move people” 중에서

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